Stockist Profile – Albion Skate Store

July 29, 2015 10:37 am This post was written by Didi Aben.

Supporting independent businesses and shopping locally are really important to us at Sublow. We believe that our high streets should bustling centres of activity where local people can have access to a wide range of shops and services. Sublow celebrates individuality and this should extend to our towns and cities , we pride ourselves in being able to sell our wares through some truly unique independent stores. These small businesses usually come with a story, we want to tell you those stories.

Albion Skate Store
St Austell, Cornwall

For anybody who is not familiar with St Austell, it is a fairly large town just inland from the South Cornwall coast. The town had its heyday back in the early 1900s thanks to the clay mines that surround the town centre. Fast forward to 2015 and we find ourselves in a town that has lost its way somewhat. The suburbs have expanded the town centre has got lost in the crowd. Much like many other British towns, St Austell felt the full effects of the recent recessions and financial crisis. However the doom and gloom seems to be lifting and in its bare bones we truly believe that St Austell could thrive again.

One of the beacons of hope is Albion Skate Store. This skater owned shop is the brainchild of a local guy named Jake Hill. Jake swooped in to save the towns skate scene when it unfortunately lost its original skate store, Bored Skate Shack. So as one door closed another opened and the town is still able to boast an incredibly good quality shop for all skating needs.

Jake has packed a lot of personality in to a relatively small shop space, before you even set foot in the door you can see this is no ordinary skate shop.

“The individual identity and aesthetic that Albion are building from the ground upwards will bring new style and flare; steering away from the expected norm of a standard skate shop.”

Albion has been kitted out using solely recycled and repurposed materials, which is right up our street. This ecological approach begins with the shop frontage, cladded in recycled timber with shop name stamped onto it, you then enter the shop and it’s a feast for your eyes!

A simple palette of white walls, black chalkboard paint and the natural tones of wood fills this intimate space. Jakes personality exudes from the details in this interior. One wall is adorned with photos and artworks focused on the skate lifestyle, all framed in mismatched second hand frames giving you a feeling that each piece has been collected over time. The counter is painted using blackboard paint, which acts as an ever-changing canvas for customers to add their doodles to.


Above the counter, as far as the eye can see is a board wall cleverly made using recycled ‘OSB’ wood. The racks proudly show off all manner of different boards to suit a range of skater’s wishes. Pick a board and move onto the glass cabinet displaying trucks and wheels of varying colours and designs. Once you have chosen all your bits, Jake will happily use his excellent skills to put them all together.

The final area of the shop is a clean and simple wall of clothing. Jake makes a point of stocking local and small-scale independent brands; this is what really sets his shop apart. For us its this part of Albion’s ethos that we really love, the genuine support for fellow creatives. Amongst these awesome brands sit our very own Sublow garms.

Earlier in the year Jake hand selected a range our designs to stock and we are really proud to be able to show off our clothing in a shop that ticks so many boxes for us. Local, independent, and packed full of recycled materials and creative ideas.

If you haven’t already paid Albion a visit then we suggest you do, it truly is one of a kind!


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