Musically Inspired T-shirts

May 9, 2014 1:02 pm This post was written by Didi Aben.

Sublow is fuelled by Bass music, its pumped into everything we do as a company.  We work in an environment where there’s always tunes blasting out of the speakers and water boiling for another round of tea! So its pretty natural for us to become creatively inspired by the music we listen to on a daily basis.

As many of our die hard fans know the Sublow story begins at Outlook Festival 2011.It was here, on the last day of an epic week that we were sat upon a gorgeous beach, beers in hand watching a thunder storm across the bay that we decided we needed to start something. The music, sights and feelings we had experienced that week had really inspired us and we decided to use all this inspiration to design our first products.

It’s not only the sounds of bass music that resonate with us but the entire culture that goes with it. There’s a great enthusiasm for DIY in this genre of music, it has a high level of creativity and is constantly pushing boundaries. We find the excitement of this magnetic. Bass music has a magical sense of an underworld of bedroom Djs, hidden venues and artists working on bold ways of producing brand new sounds.

Almost all of our designs will make reference to elements of the bass music culture, here’s some more detailed information on our top 3 musically inspired designs of the moment……

Soundsystem Frequency

There is a soundsystem in Cornwall built by the fine sound techs at Freq Audio system, the fans labelled it as the ‘Green Monster’ for its intimidating and mean look, and, well – because it is also green. We have DJ’d on this system many times and it quickly became a symbol of bass music culture in Cornwall. The design is based on the framework of the illusive soundsystem, and the sound waves it made in its element.

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Chicago Footwork

Every city has its own movements, one of our favorites is Chicago. This design is a dedication to Chicago Footwork, an emerging genre of bass music situated around mashed up samples and frenzy rhythms.

It also celebrates its own style of dancing which is what we wanted to display through the design. We decided the best way to do this was to feature the work of Chicago based photographer Simon King, his photo encapsulates the dance style perfectly. Musically the genre has inspired us to be bold and different, to think outside of the box and to embrace all sounds in and outside of music.

To accompany this emerging music style we decided to print onto a brand new fabric type. This T-shirt is part of a new range of garments that form Salvage. This a collection of products that are 100% Recycled, The fabric is made up of 60% organic cotton waste and 40% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. We feel that innovation needs celebrating and both the musical element and fabric element of this product are innovative and exciting and definitely deserve to be shouted about.

We have made this t-shirt in collaboration with Good Street Records, a record label dedicated to footwork / juke music in the UK – go check them out!

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4-4 Skeng.

Without a doubt one of the biggest grime/dubstep releases of the late 2000’s, The Bug feat Killa P and Flowdan – Skeng was a tune that got rinsed, rewound, replayed (the 3 r’s of a great tune) at some of our early nights. Get your Skeng inspired t-shirt.

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